AOM: Bradley Wolf


Contributed by Julia Van

Sophomore Bradley Wolf performs a song in this year’s Shakespeare play, “The Gentlemen of Verona.” The play combined two of Wolf’s interests: theater and music.

Renata Shen, Staff Writer

You’ve likely heard about a double threat and a triple threat. What about a quintuple threat? Through participation in orchestra, choir, dance, gymnastics and musical theatre, sophomore Bradley Wolf’s extensive resume includes almost every aspect of performing arts. For him, performing is not just an extracurricular activity, but the creative mode through which he lives his life.

Wolf began performing in elementary school, prompted by a positive experience attending a summer circus arts program.

“I sort of got into it,” Wolf said. “That gave me a drive to start doing other performing arts because I really liked it.”

In fourth grade, Wolf picked up the violin. During that same time period, he also began gymnastics, dance and drama, opening up opportunities to act in various productions in and outside of school. Since coming to the high school, his interests in specific aspects of performing arts continue to evolve.

“I think singing has become my favorite aspect of performing, just in the past year or so,” Wolf said. “I was not a big singer twelve months ago, but now I am. Doing chorus at BHS led me to realize that singing was something that I wanted to be part of.”

Wolf currently participates in the Camerata and a capella group. This year, he auditioned and advanced to both the district and all-state choirs. According to sophomore Max Siegel, who sings with Wolf in both choirs, Wolf’s ability to give constructive criticism makes him an excellent part of an ensemble.

“He’s opinionated, but in the best way possible. He’s really good at not letting other people influence the way he thinks. He’s a very individual thinker,” Siegel said.

Siegel said that when it comes to providing feedback, Wolf makes every effort to improve the quality of a performance.

“He definitely doesn’t hold back when we’re trying to improve. I really appreciate it,” Siegel said. “There are a lot of people who would just be like, ‘it’s all good,’ but I think that he’s really focused on what needs to be improved instead of what’s good already.”

According to junior Ashley Eng, Wolf’s stand partner last year in the orchestra, a positive charm and uplifting energy accompanies his determination to perform well.

“He always wants to help you and talk to you. He’s just not mean at all. He’s just always so nice and happy,” Eng said.

When Wolf is not performing, the arts still influence every aspect of his life. Music in particular plays a strong role in how he experiences day-to-day life.

“My life is music. Whenever I hear someone hum, or like a melody or something, it pops into my head, I visualize it, like I can see the music on the page. Everything for me is like music-related,” Wolf said. “I think it’s just the mode of expression that’s easiest for me to access.”

Bradley’s advanced skill level and dedication to the arts is obvious to his peers, including Eng and Siegel.

“He’s not only has natural talent, but is very knowledgeable about performing and about singing and dancing, which I think, especially for our age, makes him really special,” Siegel said. “If you haven’t seen Bradley perform, you should.”