Review: Open Mic

March 23, 2018


Creative Commons

Multiple bands and performers performed at the monthly Open Mic in March. The atmosphere of the event was warm and inviting, complete with comfortable couches for the audience.

Dan Friedman, Staff Writer

Open Mic Night is exactly as it sounds: a casual and friendly event for which students sign up to perform, and then do.

Open Mic Night is primarily student-run and performed. The atmosphere was very warm and inviting: At the front of the room, there were the instruments, and then directly in front, there were comfortable couches and chairs for the audience to sit on. The music was terrific and the people were inviting.

The night kicked off with an excellent performance by the band Tomtsu. Tomtsu is a rock group composed of all sophomores. They played a song called “Cactus,” featuring impressive work on the guitar by Zach Fischer and great tones on the bass by Jackson Payne, along with singer Chuka Stergios and drummer Max Grossman.

After Tomtsu, a number of other performers played. Saxophonists and singers were accompanied by Grossman on the drums with junior Nick Anmahian on the piano.

The night continued with playing by senior Sammy Davies, senior Nathan Hazen, sophomore Nick Ventresca, Anmahian and Grossman. Continuing with the jazz vibes, Hazen performed a mid-song solo on the trumpet. This was followed by another mid-song solo by Ventresca on the trombone. The piece was fun and energetic.

Overall, the two most outstanding performances were Anmahian’s piano, playing well all night, and Max Grossman on the drums, jamming out with whomever was performing. They played in nearly every song performed, never missing a beat.

The performances ended with a duet from Davies on the piano and senior Jason Altshuler on the bass and a final song from Tomtsu. Davies and Altshuler played an interesting piece, which included many ad libs from Davies. Following Davies and Altshuler, Tomtsu ended the night off with a bang, rocking out with more great work on the drums and guitar.

Overall, the performances at the open mic were very good. Despite having a low turnout due to the junior semi-formal dance being at the same time, the artists managed to put on a great show and a fun time.