Driscoll Teacher Feature: Marriane Dewing



Marriane Dewing is a nurse at the Michael Driscoll Elementary School.

London Hinds, Scholars Staff Writer

Marriane Dewing has been a nurse at the Michael Driscoll Elementary School for seven years. Dewing likes gardening and helping others.


What do you like about working in a school?

The people. I like talking to parents and students-it’s a challenge and lots of fun.


What do you want to do after you retire?

I want to travel, throw my alarm clock away and garden more.


What is your dream vacation?

Aruba-on quiet part of the island on the water with a hammock and a tube of lemonade.


What is the craziest thing you saw working in a hospital?

I saw five children being born at the same time. But, I saw a lot of sad things too and I saw people get better.