AOM: Sage Uhl



Senior Sage Uhl has a quirky artistic style that reflects her own personality.

Rachel Nguyen, Staff Writer

Listening to music in her headphones and with a pencil in her hand, senior Sage Uhl is busy concentrating on creating her next masterpiece.

Uhl grew up in an artistic household which contributed to her own passion.

Visual Arts teacher Donna Sartanowicz, one of Uhl’s many art teachers at the high school, noticed Uhl’s unique art style when Uhl took her class.

“My first impression of her as an artist is that she has a very quirky style. She has a lot of sense of humor,” Sartanowicz said. “She’s really good at observational drawing, but she’s also really good at expressive kind of comic drawing, narrative drawing.”

According to Sartanowicz, Uhl’s strength as an artist is her ability to tell stories with her artwork.

“They’re her inner vision of everyday life, which is a little bit more magical than actual daily life,” Sartanowicz said. “She has a real sort of epic, heroic vision in some of her work of the actions that most of the rest of us would bypass and not see in such big terms.”

Uhl uses a range of methods to make her artwork, including computer applications.

Uhl’s close friend, senior Paria Reich, explained how Uhl’s passion for her work is present in her pieces.

“She likes being precise and doing lots of detail which I really admire. When she gets really into drawing, she gets really really into it,” Reich said. “It is like she has an invisible zone where she’s drawing, and that’s always cool to watch when people are very invested in what they’re doing because everything else is kind of blocked out.”

Uhl has a journal that she likes to keep track of drawings that interested her.

“Her journal was always filled with a lot of things and I really admired how she could make a small thing fit so many big pages in her journal. I definitely think that she has a lot of really great potential as an artist, and I look forward to seeing what she creates,” Reich said.

According to Sartanowicz, the projects Uhl has done in her class explore a narrative world that Uhl has envisioned.

“She really likes that interactive part of allowing the viewer to participate in the story and to see themselves in the story,” Sartanowicz said.

Uhl likes to incorporate pieces of her life into her artwork.

Uhl ultimately enjoys expressing herself through her art, finding it fun and interesting.

“When I think of expressing yourself through art, I think it’s like drawing your emotions,” Uhl said. “That probably comes through, but at the same time, I’m just drawing what I’m feeling like drawing right then.”