All Creatures Great and Small club looks for homes for needy animals


Emma Kahn

Woof, woof! Arf, arf! The All Creatures Great and Small club is working to find homes for needy animals, specifically Pit Bulls, a breed that carries a lot of stigma with it.

Amanda Kravitz, Staff Writer

Have you seen the the adorable dog faces staring at you with sweet eyes on flyers around the school? Are you curious as to who is putting them up?

The All Creatures Great and Small (ACGS) Club at the high school is determined to help these homeless animals find a loving family. The ACGS Club is a new to BHS this year and is the only club that provides support to animals in need.  Currently, the ACGS Club works with the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) and has been placing individual adoption posters around the school to help spread awareness for the animals.  

Freshman and ACGS Club member Sofia Matson feels strongly about saving as many animals as possible, especially ones whose breeds are stigmatized.

I went into the shelter and looked at the dogs that needed to be adopted, especially the Pitbulls or the ones that have been at the shetler the longest. After I collected my information from the shelter, I made a poster and put all the information and the number to call if someone needed more information,” Matson said. “A lot of pitbulls are left in the adoption shelters, which is why it is so crucial that we try and save as many animals as we can.”

Matson said that while the club wants to help every dog get adopted, their main focus is on older dogs and Pit bulls.

Bronwyn Sell, one of the club leaders, is a senior and wants to help as many Pit bulls as the club can.

“A lot of the dogs at the MSPCA are Pit bulls or Pit bull mixes, and often times because of the stigma around them makes it a lot harder for them to get adopted. There are dogs at the MSCPA that have been there for years because it is a no-kill shelter, so it important to help raise as much awareness as we can” Sell said.

According to Matson at the moment only dogs are included on the posters, but they are planning to include cats and other animals on the posters as well.

Ava French, another freshman in the club, believes that these posters will be more impactful for students than getting information from online sources.

“I think that for a lot of people, when they are looking on the internet, they don’t exactly know where to look when they are looking to adopt. So, our main goal is to help make these animals as easily available to students as we can,” French said.

The club is working to advocate for the animal itself and also the shelter at the same time.

“The point is to get publicity for the animal. Then the MSPCA will contact you when your pet has been adopted. We thought that could be a really nice way to start out the club and a good way to start a relationship with the MSPCA” Sell said.

Since the ACGS club is new to the high school , Sell believes they do not have of a track record yet, but they think these posters will help spread awareness and advocate for the animals.

“I hope that a lot more animals will get adopted as a result of the posters, of course,” French said. “But I also hope more people will start thinking about adopting before going straight to a breeder because there are more animals out there than we know that need a home.”