Speakers from My Life My Choice, an organization that supports and mentors sex trafficking victims, share their experiences in the MLK Room during E block. IMAN KHAN/SAGAMORE STAFF

SAHT Day of Awareness 2018

February 12, 2018

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, the Students Against Human Trafficking Club held their annual Day of Awareness, a day of assemblies providing information about modern sex trafficking and narratives about what it is like to work with or be a victim. Scroll to read about what went on during the different presentations.


The F-block assembly featured Stephanie Clark, the Executive Director of AMIRAH Boston, an organization that provides safe homes for individual victims of sex trafficking. Clark said that through the help of specialists and volunteers, AMIRAH helps women work through their physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational and spiritual trauma.

AMIRAH, solely funded by donations, works with eight women at a time. The women are brought to doctors appointments and go through different phases of rehabilitation.

During the assembly, Clark explained that there are similar patterns between the women that AMIRAH works with. Clark said that women are often “roped in” to the sex trafficking industry at a young age. She said that many times, these girls are manipulated into having feelings for their future pimps. She said that often times, this is the reason that women stay in the sex trafficking industry for extended periods of time.

Clark said that the trauma that victims of sex trafficking experience is often extreme and can lead to substance abuse and addiction. AMIRAH works with women on an individual basis to help them move towards being “survivors” instead of “victims” of sex trafficking.

Clark said that AMIRAH employees and volunteers provide the “unconditional love” that the women they work with are often looking for in their lives. She hopes to expand AMIRAH to eventually have a safe home in every state in New England.

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