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A list of resources for those dealing with grief

Susanna Kemp, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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In light of the recent death of a BHS student, we want to provide a list of resources compiled by the school for those who are dealing with grief. Guidance counselors, social workers and teachers are always available to speak with anyone.



Grade 10/12 School Counselors:

Nicole Bent – Office 285D    – 713-5039

Rich Gorman – Office 285G – 713-5042

Clifton Jones – Office 285A – 713-5036

Alexandra Young – Office 285E – 713-5040

Darby Neff-Verre (Coordinator) – Office 162 – 713-5017

Grade 9/11 School Counselors:

Ellen Herz – Office 317G– 713- 5196

Sara Aggeler – Office 317B– 713-5191

Lenny Libenzon (Counselor and College Counselor) – Office 162 – 713-5019

Eric Schiff – Office 317K– 713-5198

Kathy Whelan – Office 317E– 713- 5194

Social Workers: 

Paul Epstein- Office 174 – 713-5082

Karen Kennedy – Office 317j – 713-5312

Fran Kuehn – Office 340a – 713-5099

Kate Lipman – Office 312 – 713-5074

Prevention / Intervention Social Workers:

Mary Minott – Office 149b – 713-5155

Kendell Jones – Office 149a – 713-5149

Brookline Community Resources

Brookline Mental Health Center – 617-277-8107

Primary Care Physician

If you are in a situation where you feel that someone is in imminent risk of hurting themselves, take the person to the nearest emergency room. Other urgent and emergent behavioral health issues can be dealt with by emergency services programs.

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A list of resources for those dealing with grief