Guide to Asking for Courage Day (12/5)

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Guide to Asking for Courage Day (12/5)

Asking For Courage Day 2016: Black Lives Matter assembly.

Asking For Courage Day 2016: Black Lives Matter assembly.

Asking For Courage Day 2016: Black Lives Matter assembly.

Asking For Courage Day 2016: Black Lives Matter assembly.

Iman Khan, Arts Managing Editor

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Come to the Muslim Identity Assembly during A-block in the Black Box. There will be a panel of students, alumni and organization representatives who will cover topics such as islamophobia, terrorism, Countering Violent Terrorism, modesty and more. This is a really crucial and relevant topic that many feel uneducated about, so please try to make it!

TELLING OUR STORIES (A-block/Auditorium)
Student speakers will talk about how race has affected their lives.

This year’s focus of the Multiracial Affinity Community is celebrating Multiracial and diverse families, and the beauty that comes along with it, through an interactive and multimedia workshop. We are in the MLK Room during A Block.

Come learn about current events impacting the Native American community both in Brookline and beyond. We will hear panelists speak about a recent vote to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day in the town of Brookline as well as how Native American communities came together to protest the Dakota access pipeline.

BETCo PERFORMANCE (C-block/Black Box)

Interested in speaking on your experience at the assembly on immigration during “Asking for Courage?” If you have relatives or stories you’d like to share please contact us! We will be discussing culture, personal stories and more. Students take 1st lunch for this assembly.

This is the first year an Antisemitism assembly will be held during Day of Courage. The assembly will be held during G-block, in the Black Box, 11:15-12:15. Students take third lunch. The assembly will address recent Anti Semitic events such as the torch march in Charlottesville, vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, Jewish Community Centers receiving more than a hundred bomb threats, and the Boston Holocaust Memorial being vandalized twice. It will also discuss Anti Semitism at Brookline High School. The assembly will include personal accounts from students and teachers and their experiences with Antisemitism, as well as a speaker from the Anti-Defamation League who will be discussing the rise of Antisemitism.

There are many ways to enter into a conversation about race. Five young poets — Kaya Andrews, Evan Cutts, Jaime Serrato-Marks, Hailey Tran, Lexi Matuson — will perform poems and discuss with the audience the role of art and activism in their lives.

WOMEN OF COLOR ASSEMBLY (D-block/Auditorium)
The Women of Color panel will take place in the auditorium during D block. The assembly focuses on the experiences and perspectives of women of color in Brookline High. In the block, we encourage women of color to find things that they love about their differences whether it’s race, religion, culture, or heritage!

The Asian American assembly will mainly be focusing on the uncomfortable issues that Asian Americans face. It will be held during D block in the MLK room.

Race Reels short will be on white supremacy using a video that examines white supremacy in Portland, OR. The goal is to look at how white supremacy has functioned historically and how it functions in modern, liberal cities.

TELLING OUR STORIES (E-block/Auditorium)
Student speakers will talk about how race has affected their lives.

Classroom Discussions

  • MSAN
    • A nationwide coalition of school districts who have the means and the resources (are mostly white/affluent, near prominent colleges and universities) to eradicate the achievement gap, yet have not. The MSAN assembly will be facilitated workshop-style in the Black box with students participating in a series of discussions and activities to examine achievement and disciplinary gaps at BHS. The assembly will be led by their peers who attended the conference and are apart of MSAN.
  • NFL Protests and Methods of Modern Protests
  • Racial Justice Framing in the Media
  • Reflection on Charlottesville
  • Removing Historic Statues and Monuments

Information about blocks contributed by Lena Harris, Samantha Song, Ranna Shahbazi, Mary Burchenal, Jackie Perelman and Alexia Thomas. 

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