Review: Needs Improvment show



The cast of Needs Improvment watches senior Emily Gerson rant during an improv game called “You Know What I Hate?”

Mia Thompson, Staff Writer

An angry vegan at a meat festival, a girl with a lot of Eggos and two friends with strong feelings towards activism were just a few hilarious characters in Need’s Improvements comedic skits on Friday.

Needs Improvment’s first show of the school year took place on Nov. 17, and they did not disappoint with their hilarious improv and upbeat show.

The cast strode out from behind the curtain, sporting popped collared polo shirts, socks and sandals, backwards baseball caps and golf clubs. Just from the first walk out, they had the audience laughing.

For the first skit, three members of the show were prompted a location (a fast food restaurant named Gargoyle Burgers) and a name for one of the characters (Clarence), by the audience. The skit started off with two employees at the fast food restaurant discussing how much they disliked Clarence for being late to work again, while mentioning how annoying it is when he always rubs his temples, as one of them imitated Clarence. Clarence then entered explaining the reason he was late was because his mom died. One of Clarence’s co-workers said that Clarence’s mom actually died two weeks ago, a line provoking a lot of laughs from the audience.

The following improv game was called “Pan Right.” Each student was given a word, decided by an audience member. They would have to create a scenario revolving around the one word given to them, along with the person they were next to. Mark Vanderzee, the director of the troupe, would then call out “pan right” or “pan left” where the square would rotate and the scene would stop abruptly for someone else to go.

The performance continued with many more audience-interactive games.

The most interactive game was called “Eulogy.” Three people from the Improv group had to act as if they were at a funeral, huddled all together, wiping their fake tears. Then, someone else from the cast had to leave the room, as an audience member gave the three a name of a celebrity who “died;” they went with Kevin Spacey. The actor who left the room was called back in to give a eulogy. He would continue to guess who the celebrity was through remembering what he was like as a person. If he got close the audience would shout out “praise.” The mourners would come up and through their fake tears, and overly-dramatic sobs, try to drop hints. “He touched us in many ways,” was a line the audience burst out laughing at.

One of the last skits of the night called for everyone to rant about something they hate. One person would step forward and say, “You know what I hate?” in which the rest of the cast would respond by saying,“What?” which would lead them to go off on an angry tirade about what they hate. This would then inspire someone else to go up and start rambling about what they hate, until VanDerzee began to close the show.

Overall, Needs Improvment’s first show of the year was interactive and had the audience laughing all night, while bringing up popular topics, such as the sexual assault accusations, recently trending on today’s media.