“Finstas” offer unique platform for self-expression

“Finstas” offer unique platform for self-expression

Graphic by Sarah Hughes

Allie Mundis and Jackie Mundis

At the beginning of the fake instagram or “finsta” craze,  we were apprehensive to join in the fad. As new finstas started to follow our instagram accounts, the content people posted that dominated our feeds made us laugh. As the accounts grew in popularity, we found ourselves brainstorming names for our very own new account. Once we started, there was no going back. This sparked us to think about the meaning of finstas and the negative way many people view them.  

For us as twins, most of our lives have been shared. It felt natural for us to create a shared instagram and alas, the “twinsta” was born. As time went on, we found ourselves posting about funny things that happened to us.

It was not a place for us to ramble about all of the things stressing us out, like many other finsta account users tend to do; it was a place for us to share funny stories in hopes of improving the days of our followers. Our finsta turned out to be much more authentic than any of the photos on our regular instagram accounts.

Often times, people use social media to curate their lives and show snippets of edited reality.  This reflects how our generation is focused on how others see them and maintaining a social media image. Finstas should be seen in a positive light because they are used as a tool to present ourselves in our truest and funniest form. Sure, there will be “haters” or those who still do not understand finstas, but it does not matter what others think, as long as you find what you post meaningful and important.

In our culture of social media, it is easy to deem finstas as meaningless and thoughtless. Many people criticize our generation on social media platforms like Facebook for posting too much about daily activities. However, finstas are different because they are for a specific audience. They are often more exclusive, only followed by a small group of friends, whereas Facebook is more public and targeted at a much broader audience of hundreds of friends. Therefore, finstas should be seen as a specialized form of expression on social media, only there for people who want to read it.

Overall, whether posting videos of us dancing to strange songs, pictures of cute babies we come across or appreciation posts for our friends, finstas can be anything and everything you want them to be. So throw @mundis_twinsta a follow and you might even be lucky enough to see some great memes.