Student employees assist Lofchie


Sophomore Autumn Johnson and Marc Lofchie work in the equipment room performing a variety of tasks such as organizing and scanning uniforms. MADDIE NAGLER/SAGAMORE STAFF

Maddie Nagler, Sports Managing Editor

The students who work with equipment manager Marc Lofchie play an essential role in the variety of tasks that accompany the distribution and return of uniforms. MADDIE NAGLER/SAGAMORE STAFF

From organizing uniforms to ordering new gear, equipment manager Marc Lofchie and his team of three students are the unsung heroes of the athletics department. Lofchie is responsible for the maintenance and distribution of all of the gear at the high school. In recent years, Lofchie began reaching out to student-athletes for help.

According to Lofchie, his student employees, junior Megan Hakiman, junior Nerissa Jourdan and sophomore Autumn Johnson, complete various tasks depending on where they are needed.

Lofchie said the students get paid different amounts depending on the tasks they are completing. When they are doing manual work, such as folding and organizing uniforms they get paid more than when they are scanning information into the computer.

Getting a job in the equipment office requires more than a simple interview. Prior to getting hired, Lofchie has worked in some capacity with all of his employees.

“I used to coach most of my employees,” Lofchie said.

According to Hakiman, who started working for Lofchie last year, employees perform a variety of different tasks.

“I do a lot of barcoding equipment, issuing and keeping track of equipment, taking care of late fees and other money related business, scanning equipment in under student and staff profiles on an online system and letting the equipment office know what type of equipment that needs to be bought,” Hakiman said.

Jourdan works in the equipment office everyday after school. She said that the workload increases dramatically at the beginning and end of each season because that is when teams are most commonly receiving and returning equipment.

“Those days I stay until 5:00 p.m,” Jourdan said. “Although sometimes I get bored, I overall really like my job.”