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Ricardo Randellini

Born and raised in Italy, Ricardo Randellini has always had a passion for education. In the past, Randellini has taught languages, scuba diving and now works as a paraprofessional at the high school. Outside of school, he enjoys playing percussion with local bands and scuba diving.


What were some of your previous jobs?

In Pittsburgh I was working in this private school and it was a school for kids with special needs. So, I was working in this special education school and I have had a lot of different experiences in my life. I was always in the field of teaching. [For example] I taught languages: Italian and Spanish to English speakers.

Do you feel any big differences from your past jobs or your high school experience compared to the high school?

Oh, well definitely, you can tell from my accent that I’m Italian. So I attended a high school in Italy, and it was definitely a different setting. It was a bit smaller. In Italy, for example, you don’t structure the classes like here. So there’s one class and the teachers are moving instead of students. Very different approach in general.

How are you adjusting to Brookline, do you like it here?

Yeah, I do. I think that it’s a nice place with a lot of interesting people. It’s a very dynamic place with lots of things to learn because it’s big and can be confusing at first. It’s nice.

Do you play any instruments?

I play percussion. This was my first passion, in general, so it’s something that I like to do as much as possible. It’s nice to do. I have this way to get to know more people and get to know the city better. So for now, I have a couple of contacts. I started to play with a couple of bands in sort of a collaborative way.

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