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Teacher Feature: Wes McEvoy

Paraprofessional Wes McEvoy worked in special education at Chelsea High School prior to coming to Brookline High School. Besides working, Mr. McEvoy enjoys camping, especially in places that feature a lot of greenery, such as Western Massachusetts.


What made you want to work in special education?

Yea, my mom was a teacher so she was a big reason why I got interested. She also works in special ed. so that made me want to, made me interested.

How was your high school experience?

High school was very cool, I went to school in North Carolina in a small town. It was a little conservative. Like I learned about the Civil War, well they called it the War of Northern Aggression. Which is terrifying, but it was good. I went to a pretty good school and I got into school in Massachusetts for college.

What is something you enjoy in your free time?

In my free time, I like to cook a lot; my family is all big cooks, so it makes me feel at home. And I watch too much TV and then sleep a lot. I bake a lot, I’m from the South so we do a lot of fried stuff and a lot of bad-for-you food.

Why did you end up choosing to come to Brookline?

I chose Brookline because it’s a very different setting than Chelsea. Brookline is a fairly affluent, like a richer community, with much more diversity across the school, and a much more experienced staff so I was really excited to see how such a well-known school functioned.

Is there something that you wish to accomplish this year?

Yea, I think every year you learn a lot of new stuff as a teacher and how to work with an entirely new set of kids and an entirely new population and try your best to help so I hope I gain good experience.

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