Q&A with athletic trainer Alex Jzyk

Lauren Mahoney, Sports Managing Editor

Alex Jzyk has been the athletic trainer for the past decade. Celebrating ten years of hard work, Jzyk looks back on his experience working with the Brookline community. He has worked with every team and has created many lasting relationships.


What’s your favorite part of being an athletic trainer?

I think it’s just the ability to have relationship with kids where they’re finding themselves so seeing kids come in as freshmen and then having a relationship with them for four years as they’re becoming real people. Seeing them grow and learn from the day they stepped into this building to when they leave, it is so gratifying. Being able to continue these relationships on a personal level, once they graduate, is so rewarding.


How have you grown as an athletic trainer?

This has been my young adult life here. I first started, I was 22 years old; I was a kid as much as anybody else. I went from day one not knowing what I was walking into, to now you can see how efficient things have become. This is where I have spent my adult life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. As much as I say freshman to seniors grow from being young teenagers to young adults. I have grown.


What are the biggest challenges you face?

Here specifically it’s just trying to be in a million places at once. There is one of be and on busy game days we are at Downes, Larz Anderson, Cypress, in the pool and at Skyline. Trying to juggle all of my responsibilities, where I am need the most and where is the most dangerous has definitely been the hardest thing I have had to deal with. That is particular to this school because I can’t sit in a golf cart and drive around campus to each facility.


Looking to the future, what would you like to change?

I want to continue to grow this program. We have one of the best sports medicine facilities. But it goes back to there being one of me. It is not utilized to its full capacity. I would love to have two or three athletic trainers and use all of our space.