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Henry Rutherford

Cello player and cook Henry Rutherford recently joined the high school community as a paraprofessional. He likes to catch up with family and friends and play soccer on the weekends. This summer, he learned how to cook with leeks!

What is one thing you like about working with students?

It’s kind of surreal because I haven’t been back to a high school since I graduated, but it’s definitely fun to see students make some of the faces that I didn’t realize I was making at the time in response to teachers and work.

What is something you remember about being in high school?

It was okay. It wasn’t my favorite time in the world. It’s never anybody‚Äôs favorite. It’s weird and strange. You’re growing, you’re changing, you have no sort of self-identity. But it has to be done; there are parts that are fun, and you can definitely make some of your best friends in high school, which is something that I got lucky enough to do.

Why did you decide to become a paraprofessional?

I want to continue working in behavioral sciences and special education and studying psychology, so I got a job at a private school and I worked there for about two years. Then, I decided I wanted to try public education and see what that was like before I get my masters.

What are you most excited for this school year?

Everything. I love the students. I love being around all students. I’ve got great co-workers. I’m excited to be a part of a high school environment again and try and help some people out.

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