Karen Wong

An alumni of Boston Latin School and Simmons College, Karen Wong is an algebra and biology co-teacher at the high school. When she’s not teaching, she likes to travel and write food reviews for Yelp.

What’s your favorite part of the high school so far?

I would say how open the community is at BHS. Back in the day, I feel like school was very conservative. We didn’t talk much about controversial topics. I remember when I student-taught here last year, I went to a lot of assemblies and some workshops, and I was really surprised we were allowed to talk about these things in school.

What’s your favorite part about working with students?

I like helping them, not just with teaching the concepts but checking in with how they are. If I could be someone that could hear them out and see if there’s anything I could talk about with them or help them with, that would be nice.

Do you have any interests outside of school?

Other than teaching, I like to travel and take pictures and write food reviews for Yelp. I’m an elite member. I also help out at afterschool programs in Chinatown and I help run a summer camp in the summer. It’s called Project Destiny. It’s for low-income middle school students in the Chinatown area. For the after-school program, it’s free for anyone.

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