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Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt is a new health and fitness teacher this year. She has been an athlete her whole life, with an intense interest in athletics and fitness. After playing numerous sports for Walpole High School, she decided to focus on field hockey and softball in college, at Bridgewater State. She received her teaching degree so that she could pass her love for health and fitness on to her student. She has already worked for ten years as an elementary school P.E. teacher.

What are your first impressions of the high school?

So far it’s been an amazing place. The people are awesome. I work in a great department with some veteran teachers that have been helping me out, and I get to learn what’s expected here. The students are amazing. Even though I’ve only been here for about two weeks teaching, it’s unique; lots of great characters, very intelligent and driven students. I’m excited to get to know everyone.

What are you most excited for at the high school?

I’m most excited to get to know the students as well as I can, to build relationships, and to become part of this community. I know there are so many different aspects, like clubs and activities, after school hours, so I’m just looking forward to getting involved and meeting as many new people as I can.

What are your hobbies or interests?

I have kind of a new-found love of yoga. Other than that, I’m a big sports fanatic. Whether it be the Patriots, the Red Sox or the Bruins, I love watching and going to games. I just love being outside and being active. Whether it’s riding my bike, going on a run or kayaking, I just love being active outdoors.

What was your summer like?

I had a fabulous summer. I had the opportunity to travel a little bit. I went to the Grand Canyon and six other national parks throughout Arizona, Utah and Colorado. I went to the Cape, and I did some camping in Vermont. Right at the end, I got hired by Brookline, so it really was the best summer ever.

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