Annual breakfast celebrates senior scholarship recipients


Ethan Gainsboro/Sagamore Staff

Seniors and their families mingle at the annual scholarship breakfast, where several speakers gave speeches and cafeteria staff and student volunteers served breakfast.

Ethan Gainsboro, Sports Writing Editor

The annual Scholarship Breakfast took place in the quad on Sunday morning, June 6, hours before graduation.

The event began with a breakfast for the scholarships recipients and their guests that the cafeteria staff and student volunteers prepared.

A little before 10 a.m., Dean of Students Scott Butchart kicked off the gathering by introducing speakers Headmaster Anthony Meyer, Director of Fallon Ambulance Kevin Mont and Executive Director of the Brookline Community Foundation Jenny Amory.

“My vision is for any student to go to the two- or four-year college or program of their choice regardless of the cost and graduate debt-free,” Amory said.

After the speakers addressed the attendees, Butchart detailed the process for students to access their scholarships. He said that the scholarships would be available in the second semester of the students’ freshman year.

Lastly, Butchart announced the list of scholarships along with the recipient of each.

Senior Cameron Greve won the Elgie Clucas Memorial Scholarship, which is given to a graduate of both the Driscoll school and the high school as well as a student that has been admitted into an accredited college. Greve said that the breakfast is important and a great way to end students’ time at the high school.

“I think the breakfast is an amazing ‘wrap up’ for senior year, almost like a final way the school comes together to provide something for the students they are sending off. To know that a school cares about your future is an amazing feeling,” Greve said.

Senior Eleni Kalaitzidis was awarded the Nicolette D. Troubalos Scholarship, which is usually given to students of Hellenic descent who have a great academic record. Kalaitzidis said the scholarship meant a lot to her personally.

“I really enjoyed the breakfast. It felt really special to be a part of it and that I was given a scholarship. This scholarship means a lot to me both financially and because I have done volunteer work at my church and within the Greek community,” Kalaitzidis said.

In addition, Kalaitzidis said she was able to talk with her scholarships’ donor and learn about Troubalos herself.

“It was actually interesting to talk to the scholarship donor and get to know the history behind it. I learned about Mrs. Troubalos’s life before she passed away and her many contributions to the Cathedral Church in Boston,”  Kalaitzidis said.