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Teachers’ Tunes: Edition Two

Ms. Flynn-Carson, Mr. Barkett and Ms. Davis

April 13, 2017

Ms. Flynn-Carson

“When I went to college, I became a DJ at my college’s radio station. That radio station had the goal of you playing at least 30% of stuff that had just come out in the last three months, so it made you really have to listen to stuff that was coming out. You couldn’t play anything that would be played on a major radio station. It kind of made you be a forager of stuff that wasn’t getting played somewhere else or that was really new. I became a student of music.”

Mr. Barkett

“I got into hip-hop growing up in Northeast Ohio. That was what all my friends were into. It took me longer to come around on indie rock. I was kind of a snobbish pop fan. A lot of my friends liked punk rock in high school. Tyler Wooley-Brown put me onto a lot of different rock that I’m now into. It’s been an evolution process, as I’ve broadened my horizons.”

Ms. Davis

“I listen to a variety of music depending on what I’m doing. If I’m grading papers, I listen to just instrumental, classical. If I’m working out, I have to listen to really cheesy, embarrassing pop music. If I’m dancing, that would be another kind of music. When I’m socializing, more indie.”

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