BREAKING: Cafeteria unveils new seven side policy


Haley Bayne / Sagamore staff

Don’t forget to take seven sides with your lunch! On Saturday, April 1, Food Service Coordinator Calorie Eatsmore announced an amendment to the current three sides policy at the high school, saying that students are now required to take seven sides from a variety of options.

Grab a tray! You are going to need it for all of your free sides. Food Service Coordinator Calorie Eatsmore and Headmaster Anthony Meyer have decided that as of April 1, 2017, students will be required to take seven sides along with their meals from the cafeteria. The School Snack Expansion Committee has concluded that the increase in extra sides will be beneficial to the entire community.

According to Headmaster Meyer, the decision to increase the number of sides has been planned since the beginning of the school year.

“We decided to start the school year off only enforcing the three side rule as a way to slowly get the school more comfortable with the mandate,” Meyer said.

Meyer said that the high school has now reached the next phase of the plan: The Seven Side Rule.

“The ultimate goal is to have each student take a minimum of 10 sides with their meals by the end of 2018,” Meyer said.

Additionally, the committee has removed the unwanted sides bin because it suspects that the excitement surrounding the new policy amendment will cause students to fully appreciate each additional snack.

The committee feels that the cafeteria sides reform will ultimately create a healthier student body and community.

“Because of the increase to seven sides, our students will raise their calorie intakes, bringing us closer to the national average,” Eatsmore said. “These students need to learn to enjoy the little things in life such as free sides. I cannot wait to see those smiling faces carrying armfuls of snacks on their way to their pediatrician! Not only does the Seven Side Rule benefit the school, but it also helps local doctors offices. It is great to see the school making a difference.”

Happy April Fool’s Day!