Legislature update: Fundraising and “L” grades


Maddie Nagler, Sports Writing Editor

Behind closed doors it can seem like Student Government is at a standstill. Four members of each grade were elected to serve as representatives at the beginning of the year, but what are they up to now? Despite what may have seemed like a blank time lapse, the legislative body has actually been quite busy.

Over the past few weeks,  members of Student Council, a group comprised only of students, have been selling “BHS love not hate” bracelets, with the aim of raising money for an undecided cause that would help unite students regardless of different backgrounds. After collecting over $250 in sales, the group is currently debating the best use of the funds. The current options on the table include donating money to make the high school more environmentally friendly, funding a speaker to come during Day of Dialogue, or creating a video promoting many different exceptional students who attend the high school. It is likely that the group will make a final decision within the coming weeks.

Legislature, the second group of student government is a mixture of both students and faculty members. They have been working on what grade should appear on the transcript of a student who drops a course or switches course levels very late in the term.

If I was earning a D in honors math and finally dropped to standard should my report card reflect that I earned a D in standard math? Of course not. So what grade should my transcript reflect? The high school only sends final grades to colleges,  so this issue really only affects seniors who only have their first and second quarter grades sent. For freshmen, sophomores and juniors, the final grade is an average of the grades they earned in the class that they ended up moving to. For seniors the grade will appear as an “L”. Most colleges are aware of what the “L” means, but some reported that they would call the school for more information.