Spring season presents new athletic options for seniors


Maya Morris/Sagamore Staff

Senior Nicholas Gerszten directs a shot at goal against Milton High School at Downes Field. Gerszten will be continuing his lacrosse career this spring season.

Maddie Nagler, Sports Writing Editor

Senioritis: A loss of motivation is school work or school-related activities. Everyone knows that as the school year goes on, seniors tend to shift their focus from completing work to spending more time with friends. Therefore, one may expect that in congruence with losing interest in doing school work, many seniors tend to lose interest in school sponsored athletics. However, this usually is not the case.

Senior Nikki Gerszten has played soccer and lacrosse all four years he has been at the high school and plans on participating in lacrosse this upcoming spring.

According to Gerszten, due to lessening academic pressures, many seniors may choose to play a spring sport to fill some of their free time.

“Many seniors are kind of done with school and they just want to have fun so they go to a no-cut sport like lacrosse or if they can play for the baseball team, they will do that,” Gerszten said.

Maddie Haswell, also a senior, played soccer her freshman and sophomore years and then switched to cross country her junior and senior years. Additionally, she has competed on the winter and spring track team all four years.

According to Haswell, after playing a sport for so long, many athletes may feel a strong commitment to continue participating on behalf of that team.

“Senior year there is a lot of loyalty to a sport and a team and at that point, you are probably at a higher level of competition. I think their are a lot of reasons seniors play even though it is such a big commitment,” Haswell said.

Senior Emma Cohen has played soccer and lacrosse all four years she has been at the high school. She will be a captain on the girls lacrosse team this spring.

Cohen said that she loves lacrosse and that is her biggest reason for continuing with it.

“I really enjoy playing lacrosse and I would feel like I was missing out if I didn’t play,” Cohen said.