Fundraising pays dividends for athletes

The boys swim team set up a Snap! Raise page to raise money for team gear. Many teams use a variety of methods to assemble funds for their respective seasons.

Leon Yang/Sagamore Staff

The boys swim team set up a Snap! Raise page to raise money for team gear. Many teams use a variety of methods to assemble funds for their respective seasons.

Colby Sutton , Staff Writer

Many sports teams get the opportunity to travel around the country and compete against some of the nation’s toughest competition. As they catch the country’s attention, they help to put Brookline on the map. The trip helps teams establish a community as tight knit as a family. It is beneficial for everyone except there is one catch: the team needs to fund the trip entirely on their own.

According to Assistant Athletic Director Kyle Williams fundraising is something that almost all sports teams take part in. It allows teams to gain additional resources.

“I think fundraising plays a role to support sports teams for things that might be extras.” Assistant Athletic Director Kyle Williams said.

Williams said that the athletic department encourages student athletes to leave a positive mark on the community through their fundraising efforts.

“We try to push the community piece because when you’re running a community event, it’s easier to justify the funds as opposed to going door to door or sending out mass emails. That being said those two forms of fundraising have been very effective,” Williams said.

According to sophomore Ik Agba, the crew team does two activities for fundraising the “crew-a-thon” and the “erg-a-thon.”

“For the crew-a-thon, novice and varsity come together and split into groups. We go to different parts of Brookline and go door-to-door and ask people if they want to donate,” Agba said. “We also have the “erg-a-thon, which is where people pledge certain amounts of money for how far they row.”

Agba said that the fundraising was very successful. Last year the team raised over 30,000 dollars through the two different methods. Additionally, the fundraising was also a good team bonding exercise for the players.

“Last year, when I was a novice, I didn’t know any upperclassman, but when I was put into the groups, I was able to spend time with them. I feel like we grew as teammates.” Agba said.

According to cheerleading head coach Megan Cells, money from fundraising also goes to scholarship funds.

“We also use our fundraising to support financial aid and scholarships for when our cheerleaders can’t afford something. We’ve helped people buy equipment like cheerleading shoes,” Cells said.

According to Cells, the cheerleading team does community service events and fundraisers separately.

“We sold water bottles with the Warriors logo on it, or ones that said Brookline High School, that was a big fundraiser for us initially. We’ve sold rally towels. And a major fundraiser for us was performing at the Celtics game,” Cells said.

According to junior Felix Madsen-Hardy, each year the boys hockey team holds a public golf tournament and also sells calendar raffle tickets to raise money for the team. The hockey team raised over 6,000 dollars selling raffle tickets alone.

“The fundraising really helped build community on the team between the players.” Madsen-Hardy said.