Students connect in religious clubs


Maya Morris / Sagamore staff

Religious clubs, such as the Jewish Student Club speak about current events and provide a safe place.

Jamie Martinez , Staff Writer

During hectic days, it can be difficult to find time to talk about topics that you care about deeply. Imagine being able to settle down in a classroom full of students who care about the same issues as you do. You are given a full hour to debate and express your feelings about how to solve these problems and who they affect.

While both the Christian Club and the Jewish Student Club are different, they have created positive environments in which students learn from each other and can have thought-provoking discussion with their like-minded peers.

The religious clubs are often not recognized by the general public, but they are very important to their members.

Club members have not heard of any stigmas surrounding their respective clubs, and this speaks to the level of religious inclusion at the high school.

According to junior Ori Ayalon, who was introduced to the Jewish Student Club this year, the club primarily discusses Israeli related current events.

“My Israeli friends joined, so I was checking it out. Also, I like talking about Israel and the current events,” Ayalon said. “I’m not really connected to it [Israel] as much as I would want to be since we’re so far away.”

According to Ayalon, the Jewish Student Club also talks about current events pertaining to the United States.

“Recently we just talked about the immigration act– how we feel about it and how Israelis feel about it,” Ayalon said.

According to Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator Gary Shiffman, who is the adviser to the Jewish Student Club, it is very rational that there is a club that provides Jewish students an opportunity to discuss various aspects of Jewish culture.

“I think it’s sensible. I think it’s odd that there wouldn’t be a Jewish student union at a school with so many Jewish students,” Shiffman said. “I’m glad that it exists.”

According to junior Wilson Hsu, who has been a member of the Christian Club since his freshman year, the club serves as a community outside of his church.

According to Hsu, the club does not discuss current events and tends to focus more on the Bible.

“Last week, we read one passage from the Bible. Another week, for example, Thanksgiving, [we talk about] things we’re thankful for. Or if it’s Christmas, [we discuss] how we celebrate,” Hsu said.

Hsu said that he appreciates how great it is that the high school has religious based clubs, like the Christian Club, and he recognizes how different this is from many other high schools.

“My favorite part is that a lot of schools don’t have this,” Hsu said. “It’s unique and it shows what the high school is about: accepting everyone and giving everyone an equal chance.”