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Ella Kitterman

Freshman Max Siegel

“I sort of came out as bi slowly.  I knew that I live in Brookline, and that there are plenty of other bi or gay people at the school and that no one was going to treat me differently or anything, but it was still kind of scary. I think part of it was that people would always assume I was gay from my personality and the way I dress. I didn’t get bullied or anything, but people would say, ‘You’re so gay’ in middle school and it was kinda mean, so I was scared to confirm it. It’s hard to put into words. I didn’t want to be like ‘ya you were right all along’ because I had gotten into this routine of saying I was straight and denying it, but then at some point I was like, I have to stop. At first it was so so hard. I couldn’t say ‘I’m bi’ out loud; I couldn’t get myself to say it. So the first two people I told was over text because I just couldn’t do it in person. The third I told in person and I was shaking. I was so scared and for no reason because I knew they weren’t going to do anything or say anything, but I was just so scared. After that it actually did get much easier; I didn’t think that was going to happen.  I thought I was going to be in the closet for years.”

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