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Ella Kitterman

Freshman Saya Ameli

What it was like moving to Brookline?
“I moved here in fourth grade and the community was really welcoming actually, but I was pretty clueless back then, so sometimes when I would tell people, ‘Oh ya, I’m from Iran’ they would kind of start acting strange or they’d just never talk to me again.”

How has Trump’s election affected you?
“It’s kind of nerve racking in some ways because with his executive order right now, we can’t leave the country since we wouldn’t be able to come back, and at the same time, I am not sure if he is going to extend the order. I hope people are able to stand up and make sure that it doesn’t continue but if it goes on until he’s out of office, I won’t have seen any of my relatives or family members for 10 years.”

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