Review: ReVisions 2017


Juniors Denise Rogozin and Ashley Choi sing a duet in the casual atmosphere of Dance Studio One. JACKIE PERELMAN/SAGAMORE STAFF

Jackie Perelman, Staff Writer

Family members and friends sit on plastic chairs or on small foam mats, anxiously waiting to see their loved ones perform. It is a fairly small event; it has not been widely advertised and there are no programs. Yet it is a full house, and the performers are passionate people yearning to share their art to the proud spectators.

ReVisions is a two day show in Dance Studio One which students perform songs, dances, or skits. Some of the performances are about love, others about heartbreak, and still others are about life and joy.

ReVisions is a collection of three minute performances, and it may seem as if the shows stand on their own and have no connections with the others, but they do. The show brings students together to tell their stories, their emotions, their worries and thoughts through art.

As the show begins, one may notice that none of the performers are wearing shoes. This was no artistic move, rather, it was a way to prevent anyone from falling because of the water and dirt that was dragged in. However, the lack of shoes only enhances the feeling of unity and informality that the event already has.

Needs Improvment performed first and began by asking the audience for a movie genre. After several more questions of this kind, the story was decided on and the plot began to unravel onstage. Students twisted and turned the plot without any direction and without consulting each other. One really began to appreciate the art of improvisation.

The rest of the show was full of music; students rap, sang, beatboxed, danced and played instruments before the crowd. A memorable act was freshman Mia Pittas and senior Nina Pittas as they harmonized beautifully while singing Christina Perrie’s Jar of Hearts, and invited the audience to feel their emotions of betrayal.

The three student acapella groups performed as well. Each group had a distinct look and sound, but there was an overarching theme of love songs. The students in Note-a-Fy took on the personas of rockers, while Perfect Pitch sported nineties chic, and the Testatones opted for their classic sweatshirt.

Senior Ndanu Mutisya astounded the crowd with her original song, Where Am I Now. She performed Glitter in the Air earlier in the night and dis a marvelous job, but when it came time to perform her original song, she was noticeably calmer, perhaps because she knew this performance will bring the house down. She smiled as she sang, evidently proud of the lyrics and accompaniment she created.

A trio made of a dancer, a singer, and a guitar player performed Paramore’s Only Exception and they too stunned the crowd with senior Katya Karpova’s professional dancing, senior Alicia Nacimiento’s soft yet powerful voice and junior Todd Jenning’s confident strumming and beautiful harmonies.

Every performer was absolutely astounding and bursting at the seams with raw talent. The excitement of the audience made the show feel as if it were world renowned. The strength of the voices, as well as the magic-like abilities of the sound crew, made it seem as if there were five speakers surrounding the room, not to mention that the overall enthusiasm of the performers made the show just that much better.

What makes a show like ReVisions so incredible is the emotions that the performances produce. The audience is able to see an entirely different side to students as they perform alone or in a group. They can see the passion as students dance, or can hear the love for music as performers sing, and even more so acknowledge the bravery it takes to stand in front of a crowd.