Stickers on technology provide area to broadcast opinions and interests

Becky Perelman, Staff Writer

Freshman Grace Sokolow showcases a pro-choice sticker on her phone, a symbol for women’s rights and their own choices regarding their bodies. “My mom went to a rally and she got a sticker. I also had a Planned Parenthood support sticker,” said Sokolow.


Sophomore Annie DiAdamo’s sticker is of a ghost that reminds her of an emoji. “It really makes me happy. I was at Brandy and they’re free so I thought, why not?” DiAdamo said. DiAdamo says that the sticker shows that she has a lame sense of humor.




Senior Rachel Cohen puts stickers on her laptop.     Rachel’s favorite sticker is New York University sticker. “I have a New York City sticker that I like because I really like that city and I want to live there.”










Senior Zoe Moran has stickers that represent things that make her happy, such as the beach, summertime and gymnastics. She puts stickers on her laptop because they remind her of things  that she enjoys and is able to show people a little about herself. Moran’s favorite sticker is the one from her gym. “I think that is the most meaningful to me just because my gym means so much to me,” Moran said.