Player Profile: Henry Shaffer


Provided by Henry Shaffer

Even though Shaffer is leaving for the China Exchange program soon, he said that he will help and support his teammates until he leaves

Sarah Hughes, Staff Writer

Junior Henry Shaffer has been skiing since he was 5 years old, and it’s his third year on the alpine ski team. Even though he is in the China Exchange program and will have to miss states, he looks forward to supporting his teammates while he is here. The team hopes to increase the number of skiers they send to states this season.

What do you think the goals for the team are this year?

We’re definitely trying to get as many skiers on varsity to states this year as we can. We had numerous skiers go last year, but we’re trying to increase that number.

How did the season last year go?

The season last year went well. Our coach, Mr. Wolf, left at the end of the season, so that was kind of rough getting back on our feet this year. We sent a lot of skiers to states last year and our goal is to up that number.

Did you go to States last year? Do you think you’ll go this year?

I volunteered at states, but I did not compete. I was supporting my teammates. Unfortunately, I will be on the China Exchange this year so I’m not going to be here for states, but I’m going to support the team until I leave.

What’s your favorite thing about skiing?

I really like the team atmosphere, it’s really great, especially we all take a bus twice, even three times a week, and the atmosphere on the bus has a lot of camaraderie. I really like that.

Is there anything else really interesting about skiing?

I really like how at least one day a week we have some kind of rehabilitative practice, whether it’s yoga or foam rolling, like rolling out the muscles, that really helps to regenerate.

What are you doing at this point in the season?

At this point in the season we don’t have any snow on the mountain yet, so it isn’t open. Right now we’re just doing preseason. We do workouts in the weight room, at the Tappan Gymnasium, we do sprints on Wednesdays and we also go for more long distance runs. And then again, once a week we do the rehabilitative practice.