What do you need to excel at hockey?

Josh Gladstone, Staff Writer

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In this clip, Nick Dahlborg, a sophomore on the boys varsity hockey team, is practicing his shot.  He is working on his snap shot, one of the primary types of shots in hockey, which is used in closer distance situations for a quick release and a spurt of power.


This jacket is the standard design most hockey teams have. They are most commonly made by the company Bauer, as seen on the right breast of the coat. Each team inserts their logo on the opposite breast with the name of the team,club or town. On the sleeve, you can get a number and/or a name embroidered. When you go to any high school or younger level of hockey, you will see at least one player or person in the crowd wearing this kind of jacket.

In all sports, music can play a huge role to an athlete’s success and schedule. Before a hockey game, players like to blast pump up music to get themselves into the mindset to be aggressive and win the upcoming game. This practice is seen in professional sports games as well when the home team comes onto the rink, usually accompanied by exuberant cheers from the crowd.

Hydration is critical for top performance in any sport. While Gatorade and other power drinks may taste good and help, water is the simplest and best thing to keep an athlete going. In hockey, players exert quick burst of energy for short shifts on the ice. When they come to the bench for a swap of players, a few squirts of water can go a long way to keeping the player performing their best throughout the game.

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