Fencing team looks to win a state title


The fencing team prepares for a match. Many of the athletes support each other from the sidelines when they are not fencing. Although it is an individual sport, the overal team score still matters most.

Sabrina Zhou, Staff Writer

Imagine having to be on guard all the time, always analyzing and thinking one step ahead of everyone you meet.

This year, with numerous hours of training and the right mindset, the fencing team wants to win a state title. According to junior Saam Rasool,  with dedication and practice, it is possible.

“We want to win the state championships and we can. We have really good fencers.” Rasool said.

According to Sophomore Gianina Didonato, a fencer’s mindset before a competition is crucial to their performance in that given match.

“In competition my mindset is that I’m here to learn and to become a better fencer through wins and losses,” DiDonato said. “You could have the best technique and the endurance, physical strength, and stamina, but if you lack that mental toughness you are going to struggle.”


Junior Chris Gaedhe said that in addition to having a positive mindset, the fencers have to practice being able to focus for long amounts of time.

“You have to go in and just focus and just fence. Believe in yourself, have that confidence,” Gaedhe said.

Gaedhe admits that it can be difficult to stay fully committed all of the time.

“Sometimes if I don’t go to practice because of homework, you can fall really behind and it’s hard staying in it 100 percent,” Gaedhe said.

However, according to Gaedhe, even with challenges, the fencing team is still a very supportive group of people.

“It’s a great group of people. It is a much larger community than I expected,” Gaedhe said.