Makeup Tutorial #2 featuring Isobel Souza


Click the video below to watch junior Isobel Souza create this look for going out! VERA TARGOFF/SAGAMORE STAFF

Vera Targoff, Staff Writer

When did you start doing your makeup?

Probably two years ago, doing makeup for my dance performances.

What do you like the most about makeup?

I think of it as an art. There’s brushes, it takes practice, there’s a variety of things you can do with it.

What would you say to people who say that makeup is just for people to hide their faces and to impress other people?

Everyone wears makeup for different reasons. It’s kind of generalizing when you’re just saying ‘You’re wearing makeup to cover up’ because that might not be the case! There are days where I don’t wear any makeup, there are days where I do wear makeup. It’s kind of like, do I wear sweatpants or do I wear jeans? It’s just a choice.

How long does your average makeup routine take in the morning before school?

No more than 10 minutes.

The look you just did, what would that be for?

Either going out, or just spicing it up a little bit.

How would you say you’ve gotten good at doing your makeup?

Just repetitively doing it. For yourself, you learn how your face is shaped, so you get better at it in that sense. For other people, it’s just learning how to use the makeup to suit their face to make them look best.