Everything you need to be successful at crew!

Josh Gladstone, Staff Writer

Layers are extremely important for any athlete who is spending time outside during cold weather. For Crew, when it’s raining or the temperature is freezing and a person can see their breath misting out in front of their face on the water, a thick pair of socks and a tight athletic shirt with heattech can be a lifesaver. No person can focus and perform to their best abilities when freezing so the clothing seen above is vital to an athlete’s success.


















A Uni(left) or Trou(right) is the uniform for any rower and often has the logo of their team displayed proudly on the front. It is made of a spandex, polyester material, and while a trou is just skin tight shorts, a uni is a body suit that allows the rower to compete in races without the concern of getting any clothing caught in the slide (the thin tracks for the seat to roll on). Both garments serve the same purpose, but the uni is more conventional and widely worn.















The video above is a demonstration of the correct rowing form that all rowers work so hard to perfect.  An erg is an indoor rowing machine that allows rowers to practice their form and get a good workout without actually being on the water.  Above, an athlete uses one of the machines, going through the sections of the stroke: the catch(start), the drive(the push back with the legs), the finish(the lean of the back and curl of the arms) and the recovery(sliding back up to the catch).