Player profile: Leo Battite

Colby Sutton, Staff Writer

Leo Battite has been playing hockey since he was six years old. Now a senior and a captain on the boys team, he hopes to use his leadership and positive influence to lead the team to a successful season.


What is it like to be a senior on the hockey team?

As a captain and a senior, you have a sense of leadership, especially being a captain. Through thick and thin, you always have to be positive about what’s happening, and you have to keep people in line. It’s not necessarily that hard to do, but you just have to always make sure you’re up to the challenge.


What got you into hockey?

My mom and dad really wanted me and my sister to play hockey when we were little, so they got us into skating and hockey. I started playing when I was five or six.



How has the hockey team changed throughout your years at the high school?

I think it’s a lot easier to be a younger kid on the team because you follow the older kids’ leadership, and you follow what they do. But now as you get older, you have to lead the team and you have to show kids what’s right and wrong and how to react to certain circumstances. It’s a little more fun when you get older because you know you have more leadership and your teammates have more trust in you to do the right things.


Do you see yourself playing hockey after high school?

Not playing in college, but maybe club hockey or something. I’ll definitely play in recreational leagues when I’m older because they’re really fun.

What kind of impact has hockey had on your time at the high school?

 I think it’s had a huge impact, like especially when I was a freshman, because the hockey team has this waiver system where eighth graders can play on JV. So, eighth grade I knew a good amount of high school kids. It definitely helped me meet older kids and meet other kids in my grade. Also, the hockey team hasn’t been the best program at the high school over the past few years, but we’re definitely getting better. Although we don’t win all the time, it’s always fun to go out and skate with your friends.