Student discusses benefits of a busy schedule

Students with busy schedules balance their time for sleep, work and social activities.

Jason Altshuler / Sagamore Staff

Students with busy schedules balance their time for sleep, work and social activities.

Maansi Patel, Contributing Writer

      There is a saying, high schoolers have to make a choice. They can have two of the following three: school, sleep or a social life. There is some truth to that saying. I am not telling you that you must pick between them, I am telling you that it is a struggle to find balance with busy schedules. That might lead you to say, “Well, if it is so difficult, then why do it?” and the reason you should do it is because you get so much more out of it.

      Busy schedules have their pros and cons. Their cons are the struggle to balance overwhelming stress and slight anxiety. Their pros are the relationships you form, the experiences you gain, the knowledge you acquire, and the growth to your personality. Personally, I can say that all of the activities I have participated in over the years have significantly shaped my personality. I am who I am because of what I do. I am a field hockey player, I am a dancer, I am a math lover, and I like participating in school clubs. My motto is “do as much as you possibly can while it is free!” because when you are older you might have the opportunity, so take advantage of it now.

      Let me tell you the trick to managing busy schedules. First, I think that it is important for you to challenge yourself from a young age. If you are a freshman, now is the time to get involved. It might be scary at the moment, but it will make the next four years much more enjoyable. If you pass up opportunities now because of fear, you will regret it later. Then when you are trying to balance everything, get organized. It will keep you in check and prevent you from going insane. Organization will help you manage your homework load, sports and extracurriculars. This way you account for everything, and instead of freaking out and losing more precious time, you will get that desired sleep.

      Another thing I want to emphasize is true balance. Balance does not mean doing a full course load at school to go home and take more classes. You should participate in activities that get you moving and get a little exercise in, and you should also try to participate in the arts. You should do what you love, not something that makes you look appealing to colleges, because the truth is a college would much rather see you excel in what you are passionate about.

      Balance also includes making time to see your friends and family. These are the people that care about you and it is essential that you devote some time to them, especially since they will help you stay sane.

      The last trick is to be who you want to be. Do not compromise your happiness and personality to fit the image in other people’s minds. Every person is different, so embrace your differences and express the true you.