Review: Jazz Improv Music Festival



Jan Bloch, Staff Writer

With both the audience and the musician on stage, a very personal experience occurred on Dec. 2 in the Roberts-Dubbs Auditorium. 

This concert was led by three groups of musicians. The first group was led by Jorrit Dijkstra and were called Matchbox Trio. The second group was the Junior Music Collective, and the third group was the Advanced Music Collective.

The Matchbox Trio opened the concert. The song that stood out the most was Off Minor by Thelonious Monk. The piece started off with gentle keys coming from the piano, while the upright bass quickly added on. The alto sax played by Dijkstra felt like the center of this piece.The upright bass gave it a serious tone while the piano made it uplifting and joyful. This contrast with the instruments was very interesting to listen to.

Another song the Matchbox Trio played was Cluster Waltz. This piece was written by Dijkstra and had a very unique feel to it. With the piano playing fast, high notes, and the bass playing deep long notes, it gave off a very tense and spooky atmosphere.

After the Matchbox Trio finished their set, the Junior Music Collective stepped on stage. Cheers from the small yet attentive audience echoed through the auditorium.

Musician Javier Lopez stood out due to his chilling vocals, along with his piano skills. He was able to give off a very Carlos Santana vibe, creating an amazing variety in the types of jazz that were played.

After this, the Advanced Music Collective group stepped on stage, starting out with a piece called Honda Accord written by Peter Fletcher. This song began slow, quiet, and peaceful. At about halfway through the song, everything dropped. The entire band played at a much louder volume and faster pace, sending chills through the audience.

Sammy Davies, a trumpet player belonging to the Advanced Music Collective had a few solos, all of which were excellent. Despite nearly falling over when standing up, he managed to gather himself and proceed with his part.

Once the Advanced Music Collective group was over with their set, both the Junior Music Collective group and the Advanced Collective group along with Dijkstra all joined together on stage to play a couple pieces.

One piece that stood out the most was called Rainstorm. Written by saxophone player Steve Lacy, it was inspired by the imitation of raindrops on musical instruments. This piece, starting out slow and quiet, ended with the musician expressing full emotion towards the end, with jumping, shaking, stomping.

Smiles, concern, and any emotion expressed by the musicians was seen by the audience, making the entire concert very interesting. Instead of just being able to hear the music, one was able to admire the musician clear efforts by noticing the details to their movements.