Quiz Bowl Club qualifies for televised competition


Photo courtesy of WGBH

Left to right: Sophmore Emma Kahn, Senior Amir Siraj, Senior Louis Sokolow, Senior Louie Goldsmith, sophomore Margaux Kanamori, and Senior Micah Greenberg make up the high school’s Quiz Bowl Club that has qualified to compete on High School Quiz Show on WGBH in January

Jan Bloch, Staff Writer

Do your friends ever tell you that you know random facts? Are you obsessed with Jeopardy and trivia games?

Quiz Bowl is a club that meets three times a week where students prepare for trivia tournaments against other schools. During the meetings, students go through packets that contain potential questions with hopes of meeting their ultimate goal: to finally be selected for the High School Quiz Show, which no current member has had the chance to attend.

Math teacher Adam Fried is the current coach of the Quiz Bowl team and said that there is a lot of pressure throughout the competitions among students.

“We compete as a team of four against teams of four from other schools, head to head at a competition answering these long, difficult, academic related questions,” Fried said. “There’s definitely some internal pressure with the seniors really wanting to make it onto the show.”

According to senior Louis Sokolow, the club has greatly improved since when he joined in his sophomore year.

“During my sophomore year we were not that great,” Sokolow said. “We were usually in the bottom third at tournaments. Practice helped a lot and so this year for the first tournament we went to MIT, and we were in the top quarter. We’ve made a lot of progress.”

Senior Micah Greenberg believes a large part of their improvement is due to the effort and practice put in by the team.

“There are a bunch of current seniors who have been doing the club for years,” said Greenberg. “Some of these kids have been attending these practices and tournaments for four years now and have received an excellent understanding on what to expect at the tournaments.”

Despite those who have committed themselves to making the show, not all members are as dedicated to competing against these schools as those who still attend the club.

“Part of the issue is that we lose a bunch of team members every year to crew, especially 9th graders,” Fried said.

According to Greenberg, despite these issues the team has managed to improve and get themselves a shot at the High School Quiz Show.

“I think the experience of being there for awhile has helped us get better,” Greenberg said.