Lounge shows celebrate SWS music and artistry


A wall of photos in the SWS lounge commemorates previous performers at the shows. MAYA MORRIS/SAGAMORE STAFF

Zoe Videlefsky, Staff Writer

Fairy lights line the stage. There is a brimming aura of positivity and support. The room is full of people on couches and on the floor at the School Within a School Lounge Show.

The SWS Lounge Show allows students to express their creative side in an accepting environment. Students say that the show brings the SWS community together.

The monthly show began with a group of students and staff who share a love of music. Keira Flynn-Carson, an SWS English teacher who was a drummer and DJ in college, was instrumental in creating the shows.

According to Flynn-Carson, there is a large variety of both performers and acts.

“The shows feature SWS and non-SWS students playing original songs and covers. The kids represent every genre of music including rock, punk, folk, classical, bluegrass, EDM, and more,” Flynn-Carson said.

Senior Alma Bitran said that she plays cello, guitar or sings during the shows. According to Bitran, the atmosphere of the show is encouraging and relaxed.

“People go up and play, even if their performance isn’t polished, and everyone still supports them,” Bitran said.

Senior Jack Reed, who helps organize the lounge shows, said that they have a big impact on the SWS community.

“I think they bring our community together, showcase talent and get people excited about music,” Reed said.

Reed said that he believes the lounge shows offer a unique insight into SWS and really gets students interested in the program.

“Going to them my freshman year is what convinced me to apply to SWS,” said Reed. “The Lounge Show showed me one of SWS’ greatest achievements: an air of coziness and rock’n’roll.”