Knitting for a Cause club weaves stress relief and charity


Members of Knitting for a Cause gather during X-block. Club members are currently embarking on their next project, knitting squares to make a blanket for Brookline’s homeless. MAYA MORRIS/SAGAMORE STAFF

Sabrina Zhou, Staff Writer

What do blankets and community have in common? Warmth. At the high school, there is a club that provides both.

Typically, youthful high schoolers are not associated with knitting. Regardless, Knitting for a Cause, a club at the high school, offers students an opportunity to relax, socialize and do something to help their community. The club is currently in its fourth year and is led by seniors Avital Liberson and Megan Yee.

According to Yee, the best aspect of the club is the social component.

“We meet a lot of people because a lot of people come and go,” Yee said.

Liberson finds knitting enjoyable when done with others.

“The biggest thing for me is that knitting can be a really lonely activity because you do it all by yourself,” Liberson said.  “But in the club you can feel like you’re actually contributing to some greater cause and you’re actually meeting new people at the same time and actually being busy.”

For other members, the club helps them take their mind off schoolwork for a while.

“Knitting really helps calm me,” freshman Haley Bos said. “It’s like a stress reliever for me. It’s fun just sitting here and talking with my friends while knitting.”

According to Liberson, they have contributed blankets to the Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP) in the past.  The group is working on a blanket to donate to the homeless; each person is knitting a square that will eventually be combined into a full sized blanket.

Club members cast on pink stitches together during a meeting. MAYA MORRIS/SAGAMORE STAFF
Club members cast on pink stitches together during a meeting. MAYA MORRIS/SAGAMORE STAFF


“Our main goal right now is to make a blanket that gets donated to the homeless,” Liberson said. “We’re trying to work with the Cradles to Crayons Club to see if they can donate it.”

The group makes an effort to connect with the people they donate to.

“The last time we donated a blanket I went out and gave it to the people there directly, so it wasn’t just some kind of package that was sent out,” Liberson said.

Knitting for a Cause is open to anybody.

“It’s never too late to join–always just drop in and start knitting!” Liberson said.