Freshman play, The Phantom Tollbooth, debuts


Freshman play cast members pose for a playful photo during rehearsal. The freshman play opens on Dec. 7 in the Black Box. CHRIS WAN FOR THE SAGAMORE

Gabe Lee, Staff Writer

Imagine you find a mysterious package in your room one day and it changes your life forever. This is exactly what happens to Milo, the protagonist of the upcoming freshman play, The Phantom Tollbooth. The play is based on the popular children’s book by Norton Juster and debuts on Dec. 7.

According to drama teacher Summer Williams, the play centers around the life of Milo, a chronologically bored young boy who finds a mysterious package in his room that takes him on a journey through time and space.

“He goes to various places such as the Land of Expectations, Digitopolis and Dictionopolis. All the places aren’t necessary real or literal but they do indeed have a fantastic feel,” said Williams.

Williams said that one of the things she enjoys about the production is that cast members contribute to creative and artistic choices.

“Even when I start off with a vision of what costumes and props we should use, it changes depending on the people that I bring into the project,” Williams said.

Freshman Jack Heuberger, who will be playing one of the main characters, said that everything is working well and that the play is a great chance to meet new people.

“So far into the production rehearsals, everybody seems to be totally engaged and dedicated into making the play go as smoothly as possible,” said Heuberger.

Many of the students, including freshman Charlotte McMahon, are looking forward to make stronger connections and bonds with their fellow cast members.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know my cast mates a little bit better and when the whole thing comes together so you can really see the set, the performance, come alive,” said McMahon.

The role of Milo will be played by freshman Emma Perez, meaning that there will be a gender swap in the cast’s adaptation.

“For me, Milo’s gender is not the thing that matters about the story, it’s really about having fun with each other and to get to explore this really interesting and wacky world and make some choices that feel like we’re telling the story for people that are living in 2016,” Williams said.

Perez said that she has enjoyed working with new people during the play, and is excited for the debut on Dec. 7.

“There’s no reason that the play won’t sell out,” Perez said. “We want everybody to see it. It’s going to be crazy in the black box.”