Faculty members have opportunity to see students in new light at sporting events


Susanna Kemp/Sagamore Staff

Maddie Nagler, Sports Editor

Teachers learn about their students inside a classroom, typically with four walls and a whiteboard. Over the course of a year, faculty members learn about their students’ academic interests, strengths and weaknesses. However, through the rigor of school work, it can be hard for teachers to get a real sense of what students are like as individuals. Attending high school sporting events is one way for teachers to do this.

World language teacher Andrew Kimball believes that sporting events allow teachers to see different aspects of students that they would not necessarily see during the school day.

“I try to get to know the students beyond the classroom. Students may not have their passion be world language so I like to see what makes them more well rounded,” Kimball said.

Kimball not only makes an effort to attend sporting events, he also tries to go to musical performances and said he goes to all the big productions.

Junior Jack Roche said that the majority of teachers who attend the water polo games, are teachers that have some connection with the athletes.

“One of the first people I recognized was Mr. Normant, who is a history teacher. It was nice to see him there,” Roche said.

Roche said there has been an increase in the faculty member presence at water polo events. According to Roche over 50 students and many other staff members attended the last water polo game, where they made their presence know.

“They were chanting ‘BHS.’ It was exciting,” Roche said.

Interim Associate Dean of Students Brendan Kobus thinks that watching high school sports games has allowed him to get to know many of the students in his new role.

“I love coming to games because I get to see another side of my students. I think it helps me to get to know them better, particularly in my new role as interim associate dean. I have a lot of new students that I am the dean of and I want to get to know them,” Kobus said.

Junior Ethan Schaefer noted that there is a very dedicated group of faculty members who go to many games and begin to connect with the athletes.

“Mostly the same teachers come every time,” Schaefer said. “It helps to form a bond.”