Review: Micsgiving


Haley Bayne / Sagamore staff


Colby Sutton, Staff Writer

Feet tapping, heads bouncing and students lined up for turkey sandwiches. This was the scene at the annual Micsgiving open mic event on Nov. 24, hosted by band director Carolyn Castellano.

The show began with a student who performed a song and played guitar along with it.

The band Lemon Juice, which consisted of drums, piano, bass and vocals, played a heartfelt song about a sandwich, which added a humorous tone to the night.

One memorable moment was when two performers played Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. As the song went on, Castellano jumped on the drums and finished the song with the students, which was a lot of fun for the audience.

But students weren’t the only ones performing: Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator Gary Shiffman took the stage to perform two songs on guitar.

Performers’ instruments varied greatly as well. Although most preferred the classic acoustic guitar, instruments ranged from piano and bass guitar to a trumpet in one band.

Misgiving is all about different musicians, bands and performers coming together to share their music and celebrate Thanksgiving in a fun and interesting way.