Students appreciate stress-free intramurals


Natalie Jew, Staff Writer

Tappan Gymnasium intramurals: a place where athletes work out in the off-season, newcomers try something for the first time and friends can go to hang out.

Intramurals are recreational sports for all highschoolers, where students can move their bodies in a social and active environment. They offer the chance for people to play a sport and do something they love without the responsibilities of joining a team.

Intramural director Anya Eckhardt said students don’t have to be athletes to participate.”

There’s no obligation, there’s no need to sign up, there’s no need to pay,” Eckhardt said. “You can make it as competitive or as noncompetitive as you want. It’s really just up to the group of students and what they’re looking for.”

According to sophomore Prasanna Bhad intramurals offer the opportunity to improve physical fitness, meet new people and impress basketball coaches who sometimes watch intramural games.

“Intramural are like practice for the real try-outs and it’s a way for the coaches to understand what type of player you are and how good you are at the game,” Bhad said.

Senior William Steele uses the intramural Fitness Center to train for rugby. According to Steele, intramurals are a good time for people to partake in sports that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to be on a team for.

Freshman Stefani Morales said more boys come to intramurals than girls, something she would like to see changed.

“More girls should be here. I stand out because I’m the only girl,” Morales said.

Fall intramurals, which include basketball, indoor soccer, and ultimate Frisbee, go from Oct. 24 to Nov. 21. The Fitness Center is also open every season for students to work out and in the spring, basketball, indoor soccer and badminton are offered.

“Come whenever you want,” Eckhardt said “it’s really casual so don’t feel like you’re committing to the world. It’s really nice because students have this opportunity to move, but not feel obligated to the whole kit and caboodle.”