Halloween 2016!

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Check out these photos of students and faculty dressed up for Halloween!

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  • Junior Beatriz Andrade. Becky Perelman / Sagamore Staff

  • Sophomore Charlotte Cahill. Emma Kahn / Sagamore Staff

  • Math teacher Christine Shen. Jackie Perelman / Sagamore Staff.

  • Assistant Headmaster Hal Mason. Maisie Kramer / Sagamore Staff

  • Biology teacher Heather Giblin. Maisie Kramer / Sagamore Staff

  • French teacher Laura Gurry. Josh Gladstone / Sagamore Staff

  • Teachers of the World Language department. Nick Eddinger / Sagamore Staff

  • Social studies teacher Noah Gronlund-Jacobs. Josh Gladstone / Sagamore Staff

  • Sophomore Roger Burtonpatel. Conor Ross / Sagamore Staff

  • Social studies teacher Sam Dickerman. Josh Fleishman / Sagamore Staff

  • Sophomores Lucy Muendel and Lavinia Goessling. Maddie Kostant-Greeley / Sagamore Staff

  • Science teacher Julia Kumpf. Josh Gladstone / Sagamore Staff

  • Social studies teacher Scott Barkett. Rachel Vin / Sagamore Staff

  • Jamie Martinez/Sagamore Staff

  • Junior Momoko Howell. Chloe Barber / Sagamore Staff

  • Sophomores Isabella Moros, Lucy Muendel, Ivy Tou, Roger Burtonpatel, and Alexa Lane. Jackie Perelman / Sagamore Staff

  • Sophomore Sophia Moazed. Jan Bloch / Sagamore Staff

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