Participant in after-school fight apologizes to community


Julissa Perez, Contributing Writer

Dear Brookline High School,

I apologize for the incident after school on Monday, Sept. 12.  I’m sorry I put everyone in a bad position; it wasn’t my intention. I know that my decision was bad. It wasn’t like me to react like that and I should have been more mature about it. I should have thought to myself, “What am I getting into,” and listened to people who tried to get me to stop. I have learned my lesson and will deal with my consequences. I also know that I lost a lot of trust from many adults and everyone who tried to help me and I’m working my way through gaining it back.

What I remember from Doctor Mykee Fowlin is when his friend called a girl bad names and he said letting a friend disrespect a woman is like letting them disrespect your mother. He talked about what he was supposed to do – laugh with his friends – but what he needed to do was tell his friend to chill out and stop.

This falls into my situation because of what I needed to do and what people around needed to do. People expected me to fight back, but I what I needed to do was avoid the problem and settle it in a mature way instead of letting people get the best of me and pull my strings.

As for other people watching and taking videos, they thought that was what they were supposed to do, but they should have told an adult and avoided other people instigating.

From this experience, I have learned that you shouldn’t let what other people say get the best of you. If you know things about you aren’t true, don’t let it get in your head.

Dr. Mykee was right. You shouldn’t do what you’re supposed to do based on other people’s opinions, you should do what you need to do.

Thank you.


Julissa Perez