Riverside Boat Club

Sofia Georgaklis, Sports Managing Editor

For some rowers at the high school, doing crew for just the spring season simply is not enough.

Riverside Boat Club, located in Cambridge, is a community for invested rowers which allows them to compete in the fall, outside of the spring athletic season at the high school.

Junior Sophie Herscovici said she joined Riverside in the fall of 2014 because she wanted to continue doing crew even though it was not offered at the high school.

“It’s pretty much an extension of BHS crew,” said Herscovici. “It’s just in the fall, so we don’t call it BHS, and we row for Riverside instead.”

Junior Max Feldstein-Nixon also joined Riverside in the fall of 2014. Feldstein-Nixon said he joined because crew requires constant training in order to do well.

“It’s the same coach and same athletes, just a different team name,” Feldstein-Nixon said.

Herscovici said there are fewer people who row at Riverside than on the high school’s crew team, which can be beneficial.

“We get to go to the boathouse every single day, versus in the spring with BHS, we usually have one day a week where we can’t go to the boathouse because cause there’s too many people,” Herscovici said. “On Riverside, we get to spend more time on the water.”

According to Herscovici, rowing for Riverside is less stressful than rowing for the high school. Although the races for Riverside are longer, they are less frequent.

“In the fall at Riverside, we do different boats whereas in the spring at BHS we pretty much just do eights,” Herscovici said. “We race competitively in the spring but in the fall, because we have a lot fewer races, we get practice time on different boats with different people, whereas in the spring we mostly row the same lineup in the same boats every day,” Herscovici said.

According to Feldstein-Nixon, there aren’t many significant differences between participating in crew at the high school and at Riverside.

“The Riverside team is generally a little bit smaller and the atmosphere is a little bit more relaxed, just because we don’t have races every week,” Feldstein-Nixon said. “The uniforms are also cooler, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same.”

According to Junior Josh Baum, Riverside has a different feel than crew at the high school.

“There’s a lot more ‘respected’ rowers as opposed to a bunch of little kids trying crew for the first time,” Baum said. “The kids who do Riverside are more serious about crew, because often they will continue to row through college and even after college.”