AOM: Jimmy Ricks


Iman Khan, Arts Writing Editor

He watches the scene around him: the different people. The range of women, varying in height, race, body shape and more. He observes the world surrounding him and proceeds to put his vision on a small sheet in his notebook. Every stroke of his pencil is purposeful in order to create something that his viewers will be able to relate to.

Jimmy Ricks is a junior at the high school, who explores his artistic talents by drawing improvised cartoons and anime. Though he draws for fun, Jimmy’s goal is to send a message and portray different types of people through his art.

A common subject of Ricks’ drawings is women. Ricks said he has had women in his drawings ever since he was little, when he began. He has always liked drawing females because they vary in so many ways.

According to junior Christine Lima, she respects Ricks, and his ability to incorporate women of all shapes, colors and sizes into the world of art. He recently drew a drawing of a black woman to show that black women are empowering, strong and beautiful.

“I think that is really good, that he has that mindset. There are different types of women. Shapes, sizes, all different kinds,” senior Maria Chapman said.

Drawing of a woman by Jimmy Ricks. PHOTO BY IMAN KHAN/SAGAMORE STAFF
Drawing of a woman by Jimmy Ricks. PHOTO BY IMAN KHAN/SAGAMORE STAFF

According to Lima, Ricks manages to make all of his drawings one of a kind.

“Jimmy’s drawings are very unique in their own way. I have never seen such precise and interesting artwork,” Lima said. “Every time I get to view his artwork, the results are always wonderful. He is a very talented artist.”

According to Chapman, Ricks can complete a drawing in just a few minutes.

“They’re really detailed and really good,” Chapman said.  “If I was to rate it, I would give it a thousand.”

While Ricks has not sold or exhibited his work yet, Lima would highly encourage him to do so.

“Of course I would encourage him to enter drawing competitions. The drawings are always so creative and different in their own way,” Lima said. “They’re something you don’t see everyday.”

Ricks hopes to sell his work sometime in the future.

“For professional art, I would want to do a mix of cartooning and anime because I find them really fun; there are so many stories you can tell off from them, and I think it’s really fun, imaginative and creative,” Ricks said.

Ricks hopes to keep refining his drawings so that his artistic messages, especially those involving female beauty and diversity, can be sold and broadcast to a wide range of people.

Lima emphasized the uniqueness of Ricks’ work.
“What makes Jimmy’s drawings different is he pays attention to every single detail of the person and makes sure to incorporate it in the drawing,” Lima said. “He doesn’t miss a thing.”