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Eliana Freeman

Eliana Freeman

Special Education teacher Eliana Freeman spends most of her time in Pathways and in small group English classes. She enjoys dancing, psychology and education.

What is something interesting you did this summer?

This summer I went to Portugal with my family, which was nice because we haven’t been on a family vacation in a while. My sister is in medical school and my parents are very busy, so it was nice that we all found a little bit of free time, and we got to hike around mountains, which was really cool.

What was your high school experience like?

High school was interesting. I really enjoyed the second half of high school but the first half of high school was kind of tough for me. When I went to school, people that had a lot of friends in different friend groups were called floaters, so it wasn’t like you had your clique or you had your group of close friends. I had kind of scattered friends all over the board, and that made it hard for me my first couple of years because I was always sort of torn in where to go, and that affected my academics because I was really focused on that and feeling stressed about that. So my junior and senior year of high school, I felt much more centered. I found a group I really worked with and I found extracurriculars I really liked, so it ended up coming together.

Tell me about the group of friends you ended up being with.

Luckily, I am still pretty close with a lot of them. A lot of them were actually on the track team, which was funny because I was not on the track team. We just clicked really well; everyone was very outgoing and talkative. We were all interested in different things so we could talk about different kinds of things that we could still interest each other because it would be new topics, and it would be interesting to dive into something else that we don’t usually talk about during the day.

What are you interested in?

I’m interested in psychology and education, which worked out really well for Brookline High School. I am a competitive hip hop dancer so I actually spend a lot of my free time dancing and I absolutely love that; I’ve done that my whole life.

Have you always danced hip hop or did you ever do other styles?

Technically my crew is under a hip hop category, but I dance modern and lyrical and I have had training in Latin styles as well.

Do you have any pets or have you ever had a pet?

Unfortunately my mother and sister are allergic to pretty much everything with fur. So when I was growing up we had a turtle named Jerry. He was fabulous. We had him for 12 years. That was pretty much it.

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