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Alexandra Zembruski

Special education teacher Alexandra Zembruski, who graduated from Northeastern University and Lesley College, is teaching at the high school for her second year, as she was previously a paraprofessional. Zembruski likes to paint her nails, hang out with her dog and go out for brunch.

How did you end up majoring in English?

English has always been really my first love. I think my kindergarten biography either said that I wanted to be a teacher or a children’s book author. When I realized that the music industry wasn’t really for me, [English] was a choice that made the most sense. I couldn’t be more happy that I changed my major to English. My focus has always been English, but after my work here last year as a paraprofessional, I really fell in love with special education as well. It just so happened that this job was available that combined both those two which was really great.

What is your favorite classroom memory?

My favorite classroom memory is of my 8th grade English teacher who was just an amazing ¬†guy. He was the most unique teacher I’ve ever had. He was a former Vietnam drill sergeant and was very loud and large. He really was the first person who made me realize that there were so many different ways to be a great teacher, and I like to keep him in mind as I move forward.

What do you like to do on the weekend? What are your hobbies?

I’m actually really big into painting my nails. I bit my nails really horribly until I was about 25, and then realized that if they were painted, I wouldn’t bite them. So, I got really good at painting my nails. My friends always tease me that if it’s been a week with the same manicure, then I’m clearly not feeling well. I also have a dog who is not my dog, but he’s one of my dog sitting clients whose owners go away pretty frequently, so I have him for a lot of weekends. I love taking him on walks. We go walk along the beach. We go to a bunch of different parks. I also love watching Jeopardy.

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