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Dr. Tina Bozeman

Dr. Tina Bozeman is the new Health and Fitness Department Chair for Brookline Public Schools. She’s originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and has been working in education for 25 years. She enjoys strength training, walking her dogs and travelling.

What was highschool like for you?

I was a bright student. I valued my education greatly, but I was also an athlete..  I was a scholar-athlete, and ultimately I played college softball, but high school was an amazing experience. I achieved both academically and athletically. A part of high school that I remember very vividly were the teachers that I most appreciated, and the value of what they provided, and the care and support that they offered.  I learned the importance of true friendship and supporting one another.

Did you know from a young age that sports and health education was something you were interested in?

I did. As early as middle school I decided that I wanted to be a health education teacher. It was primarily due to my appreciation for my physical education and health classes, but also the teachers that I had to influence me in those areas. They taught me the importance of being healthy and being physically active, so I knew from a young age that that was an area that was very intriguing.

Is there anything that you want to change or reform within the physical education/health department now that you hold this new position?

I indeed have a vision for physical education and health in this district, and the vision is that the Public Schools of Brookline will serve as a national model for physical education and health education. In order to do that, part of what is necessary is that we begin educating all stakeholders regarding the value and significance of what health education and what physical education can contribute to the entire educational arena. We need to understand that it is indeed an integral part of the total educational process.

What is your favorite aspect of this new position you have? What’s the most interesting part of your job?

Hands down, the people. While I obviously appreciate, value, and respect my profession, and I work hard within my profession, it’s really the relationships that you have with people that matter at the end of the day.

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